Aug 1, 2014

8 min intoduction to the work of Henri Laborit - The Inhibition of Action

This movie perfectly explains how a population can be so ill as in our society, physically and also the so called mental illness. Through scientific work Henri Laborit has come to explain how aggression is caused by stress, and how this stress is increased by being locked in without the ability to do anything. It also shows how we are grown up to believe that our present world is the only reality, at the same time as we seem unable to talk about this at all.

“Thus language only serves to hide the cause of dominance to mask the mechanism that established it and to convince the individual that, in working for the group he is gratifying himself. But usually all he is doing is preserving hierarchical situations which hide behind linguistic alibis, alibis furnished by language, as an excuse.”

To activate and inactivate English subtitles, click the captions icon that shows up at the bottom right corner of the video when you click play.


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