This is a page for your perspectives on the wall.

Do you ever feel trapped, left out or confused? Have you been in a situation where it seems like you can't really see the whole picture? Have you ever wondered if the world really has to be the way it is? What keeps you from reaching your highest dreams? Share your memories of and feelings about the wall by posting your expression as a comment below. If you have pictures or videos that you want to add to this page, email us at

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  1. you are in a room and there are no walls
    now there is a door
    you go towards the door but after a while you aren't sure if there is one door
    or two doors.
    you think: once there was a room and there were no walls
    but then there was a door, and if then became now, and out of no walls there came a door then now that means something came from nothing and if something came from nothing, and I am something then I must have come from nothing, and if it was the door that first came from nothing, then that must be the first something and since I am something i must have come through the door, but if I came through the door into the room and there was nothing, no walls, what happened to the door?
    and so you get lost in thinking, maybe I have lost my way, maybe there are two doors, and I should go through the one I saw first, or maybe I should go back through the one I came in through, and then once you have two doors, you can't tell the difference between them, and that's when everything happens. You are born you live you think you feel you sleep, love, sing, wander, wonder, anguish, rejoice, everything, but always there is this door, and gradually gradually, you keep moving towards the door, until many doors becomes fewer doors becomes three doors, two doors, and now you find yourself at the door, ready to open it up and walk right in.
    you open the door and find yourself
    in a room and there are no walls
    and now there is no door.