Connect THE Dots is our online course that will give you the hidden connections that create an understanding of art. Down below is the first section and a part of the last section as a teaser. It will be completed with more sections and videos to create a chain of the missing connections.

1. John Berger demystifies art

The established aspect of art is that it is something fuzzyblurred. In Ways of Seeing Berger shows that art is only mystical in a certain perspective. That art is incomprehensible is therefore not the complete picture. It is the lack of concrete relations that makes art something we can't clearly talk about or understand. We are not aware of that the state and the schools train us to believe that we can only perceive the world in their limited way. We find ourselves in front of the wall.

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And a part of the last section

The Future of Art is a 2011 documentary film
Conceived and Edited by Gabriel Shalom
Produced by KS12 / Emergence Collective

More info at: The Future of Art


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