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Pink Floyd's The Wall might be the most well known use of the concept the wall. Down below are two other quick explanations of the wall.

Stardust Memories by Woody Allen

What you innermost dream about shows up, sometimes as a puff of smoke and sometimes so close, but it seems impossible to grasp. It shows up as a party inside a passing train. You are not invited and if you try to reach for it anyway, you realize that you are trapped and isolated in another train.

Woody Allen hits the nail on the head when he shows exactly what we, in the western mindset, are taught not to talk openly about. Why can we not join the party in the other train? Why do we seem to be stuck with angst and suffering? The wall blocks us all from real thinking and creates a gap in understanding. The wall separates you from your dreams.

Watch it online: Stardust Memories
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DVD of the Week: “Stardust Memories”, Richard Brody, New Yorker, Dec 11, 2013

Monty Python - Silly Job Interview

Monty Python's Silly Job Interview is at the immediate level genuinely funny. It is hard not to laugh. But what is so funny? What Monty Python reveals is that we are trained to react with laughter to suffering and degradation. Or is it so, that the only possible reaction is laughter since we are not able to deal with that we recognize ourselves as the constant victim of abuse? Whatever it is, the wall is made obvious:

According to the Athenian philosopher Aristotle we reach a catharsis, or a purification, when we recognize that others, in a play, are in the same situation as us in the real world. The state and the schools hide this ancient knowledge and fool us to believe that the play has nothing to do with us. This puts us in front of a wall that blocks out all relations and creates a gap of lost understanding of the situation we are in. With the wall raised art is nothing but entertainment and we are only able to laugh at Monty Python.

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