Jan 27, 2016

The Emperor's New Clothes by Russel Brand and Michael Winterbottom explains in a practical way the dysfunctional economy of today – and they go out to meet the people who experience the consequences.

An example of information this film brings up is that if the money of Great Britain would be distributed to every citizen they would all have £200,000 each, and it is probably not necessary to mention that this number is far from the reality. Compare this to the top richest 1% alone now having £5,800,000. And the money of Britain are still well distributed in comparison to the money of the whole world.

Even if this film presents how people are stricken by the financial meltdown – which is an often neglected perspective – there are no real questions that go beyond the established and politically correct ideologies, and ask why these have put us in the situation we have in the world right now.

What so many people talk about, who say they are critical of the current situation, is distribution of the existing wealth; which is not really the problem. The real problem is that so few generate or create wealth. As long as we depend on a few to provide what is considered to be valuable, we will be stuck in a hierarchical system. So how to change that is the important question if we want to get rid of a master and slave society.

All in all, this film presents the current crisis as it is. No real questions are asked and it all is presented as some kind of entertainment for rebels, all while “nothing can be done” and people suffer. The evident reflection of our times makes this film essential.

Watch it online: The Emperor's New Clothes

Live Q&A with Russell Brand and Michael Winterbottom from the premiere in 2015, published Apr 28, 2015, Studiocanal UK

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