Oct 5, 2014

It appears that the elimination of this Banksymural is an explicit illustration of what must happen to art that is not comforting; a definition of art The Guardian published recently. Read our post The Guardian Launch a Neo-Stalinist Art Theory, Sept 15, 2014

Pictures of the murals on Banksy's site here and here

Banksy anti-immigration birds mural in Clacton-on-Sea destroyed, BBC, Oct 1, 2014

'Offensive' Banksy immigration mural in Clacton scrubbed off wall by council, The mural appeared this week in Clacton-on-Sea but the council, which said it did not know it was a Banksy piece, removed it following a complaint, Natasha Culzac, The Independent, Oct 1, 2014

Council removes Banksy artwork after complaints of racism, Mural had been painted overnight in Clacton-on-Sea, a week away from a parliamentary byelection, Chris Johnston, The Guardian, Oct 1, 2014

Why Banksy suddenly matters again:
Banksy wanted Clacton-on-Sea to confront racism – instead it confronted him, Tendring district council has destroyed a painting that eloquently challenged views on immigration – was it too close to home?, Jonathan Jones, Oct 2, 2014


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